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Welcome to the Players Club website. We are men and women dedicated to good times at the OGA Golf Course. Men and women are welcome into the Players Club, and women may also play with the Womens Club, which is a separate group. To join the Womens Club contact Alice Gorman at or call 503.982.4723.

For 2016-  Dues amounts are $57. You may pay at the pro shop or on the OGA Golf Course website at - then sign up for The OGA Players Club. If you purchase the annual golf pass from the golf course, your OGA dues will be included. If your renewal is later than March, you will need to join the Players Club directly (in the Pro Shop) and your annual billing will be credited for the $57.

We are excited to announce that we have set up a closed Facebook group just for our players club members. We hope it will enhance communication within the club, enabling members to find other members to play with, share thoughts and questions on the course, rules, recent competition formats etc and the men's club will post scores and up coming competition reminders also. 

You may request to join the Facebook group by searching for ogapc in Facebook or by following the link below:


For 2016 our next to last event will be the Shindig. This will include he annual meeeting and golf - plus fun and prizes!  More information will be posted soon.

Also, the The Board of Directors has adopted a performance point review system to help equalize the payouts for the season. More details are posted on the Knuth Point System page. Scrambles are excluded from any calculations.

There will be weekly pot games on Wednesday mornings and Saturdays. On Wednesdays 
there will be a cash pot game with reserved tee times. The entry fee is usually $5 and is collected by a OGAPC Board Member prior to play. Cash prizes will be awarded immediately at the end of play. You can sign up for these games via email at or in the Pro Shop. On Saturdays there will be a draw for teams prior to play. Again a $5 pot game participation fee and these will usually be team events within a specified block of tee times. Please sign up for Saturday by the previous by Wednesday at 5pm.

Michelle form Woodburn High School is trying to earn an Evans Caddy Scholarship to college. She will caddy for an individual or group. If you play in a foursome with 2 carts, take Michelle as a forecaddy and she can rake bunkers, tend the flag, help move carts, aid in a ball search and so on. She is good. Call the pro shop to schedule her for your next round of golf.

Usually once a month we have a Saturday Major game. You must sign up by 5 pm on Wednesday prior to playing. The type of play for Major events will be posted on the Events Page.

Register your account on the Registration page and on Facebook. See you on the course.