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Your volunteer 2017 Board of Directors appreciates any feedback you would like to offer. Let us know if you would like to be part of any of our committees.

Returning board members are:

Brandon Lorain, Don Zehrung, Bruce Priem, Bruce Greer, Jim Atwell, Jerry Parkinson, Gary Sedivy, Brian Manning

New Board members for 2018 are:

 Bill Arle, Mike Miller

2017 Officers and assignments:

President -  Brandon Lorain -

Secretary -  Bruce Greer -
Treasurer -
 Brian Manning
Tournament Chair -  
Don Zehrung - 
Tournament Comm. - Bill Arle, Bruce Priem 
Handicap Chair -  Brandon Lorain - 
Membership Chair - Jim
Webpage/Facebook - Gary
Rules Chair - Mike
Sat. Game - Jerry

Wed. Game - Bruce Priem - 
At Large-   - 

(Click on the name to see picture of board member)

Questions or Comments for the Board:

Email the Board of Directors by using the following: